What are we working on this month?

August and September


We are hitting the ground running this month. We started by reviewing standards the students mastered in 4th grade and have began introducing new 5th grade concepts each day. 

Our first math unit this year will focus on place value and decimals. We'll start by reading, writing and comparing then we'll move on to adding and subtracting. 

Over the next month students will be setting up username and passwords for a number of math based websites. Students with internet access at home are encouraged to use one of these websites to practice math fluency. Students will keep track of this information in their agenda. Ask your students to show you what they can do!




Social Studies

Fifth grade Social Studies focus on US History from 1865 to the present. We have begun to talk about the Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War and will be moving into Westward Expansion. 


Our first unit in Science this year is Ecosystems! Students will discover how ecosystems are classified and learn about how living and nonliving factors influence these systems. We will even be building our own terrariums and aquariums to house fish, snails and plant life. 

Writing and Reading

In the first few months of school, students have been working on narrative writing. Each day students learn new techniques to develop their writing skills and are given time to practice these skills. Students have also been practicing revising and editing their work. 

In reading, all students' reading levels have been identified. Students are expected to read books on their independent level. 20 minutes of reading should be completed each night and students should summarize what they have read in their reading logs. In class, we will be working in small groups to move readers up to the next level. 

Students have logins and passwords for the following websites to access on level books and practice reading strategies. 



As always, please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns. alexandria_clause@charleston.k12.sc.us