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Kayela Wilkins Clark is a third generation educator.  With a passion for helping children learn, she is constantly seeking innovative ways to reach children at their level and push them towards mastery of content.  Mrs. Clark has worked in numerous capacities within the Charleston County School District.  She began her career as a first grade teacher where she saw first-hand the need for differentiation within the classroom. No two students were alike, possessed the same skill sets, or learned in the same manner.  Ms. Clark began to use technology in the classroom as a means to reach more of her students.  She became a SMART Certified Educator in 2009 and was among the first in the district to pilot 1:1 iPads in the district.  In 2012, she became a school-wide Master Reading Teacher, where she managed the school’s literacy intervention plans and implemented intensive reading interventions to struggling students. This gave her insight for facilitating school-wide initiatives, facilitating professional development, supporting teachers, and individualizing education based upon student need.  Her philosophy of innovation, coupled with her technological experience and her deep understanding for meeting student need has propelled her into her current role as a Personalized Learning Coach. 

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The Citadel - Administrative Certification

Harvard University - Master’s Degree in Risk and Prevention

Vanderbilt University - Bachelor of Science - Human and Organizational 

Development, Child Studies, and Early Childhood Education


Always a tinkerer, Ms. Clark can be found exploring new technologies, platforms, and programs to reach students and teachers.  Outside of her educational learning, she enjoys baking anything sweet (preferably with a touch of chocolate), playing with her son, and going on drives with her husband. 

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