Debbie Weathers
This is promising to be the best year yet! The first two weeks have shown me how unique each student is and they all bring something special to the class. The students have spent time getting to know each other and the rules of the classroom and the school. Now we need to get into the academics though! Personalized learning is important in the classroom because it ensures mastery of a standard. Students work until they really know the material and then move on when they show they are ready. 
We have a new behavior code in the school this year. It is PAWS. Those will be the codes of the classroom and the school. Talk with your students about what PAWS stands for and how we are tracking their behavior in their binders and their agendas. 

Homework is also a little different this year. Every Monday-your student will receive a folder with 2 books (one fiction and one nonfiction), a reading response (front and back), a math sheet and they will have a spelling assignment. Also included in the folder is a weekly newsletter. This is the best way to stay informed with the class. It is extremely important to help your student with their homework. The folder doesn't have to be turned in until Friday so you have all week to read the books and go over the assignments. 

Wednesday folders will still go home. This week look for a conference form. I am looking to have a conference with each student and parent in the next two weeks to make sure expectations of the classroom are clear.

I am really looking forward to the year!

Please contact me through e-mail or by writing in your students agenda!
Thanks for all you do at home :)