Here are a few of our books.  
Books located here are PDF's of the actual books and do not contain the students reading. But does show you what we created. I am working to figure out a way to post the books so you can hear your child reading. 

Reminder if you haven't sent me your email address or let me know if you have an IPAD please do so quickly. 

AUP / Media Release Your child's picture will not appear in any of these books unless we have a media release. 

Click the links below to view books created so far for 2013 school year.

Clouds clouds clouds.pdf
Clouds clouds clouds.pdf

                                            E.PUB Files 
( Use this link to open the book on your IPAD) You will need to login to you Box account. 
(Where Do They Live? What Do They Eat?)

Clouds, Clouds, Clouds