Delores Bellinger


A Closer Look at Fluency:

Fluency  is the ability to read with sufficient  speed to support understanding.  This includes:

· Automatic word recognition

· Accurate word recognition

· Use of expression

Repeated reading - Choose a passage that will not be very difficult for your child.  Read the passage aloud to your  child, and then read it together, helping your child figure out any tricky words.  Next, have your child read the passage to you with a focus on accuracy.  Finally, have your child read the passage to you again, paying attention to fluency and expression.  The goal is to sound smooth and natural.  

When you read a story, use appropriate expression during the speaking parts.  Encourage your child to  
copy your expression.  Talk with him/her about what that expression means.  Ex:  If the character is excited about going to the park, he/she should sound like that in his/her voice. Point out punctuation marks that aid in expression such as question marks, exclamation points and quotation marks.  Demonstrate how your voice changes as you read for each. Only focus on one during a book.  First and foremost, enjoy reading with your child.

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