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Math Stars (Grades 1-8)
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General - Watch and learn many math topics! - Practice skills that we have learned in class. - Houghton Mifflin math book activities. - Choose from different math topics and teachers as they show you how to work the problem in a short video. You can also choose to get an explanation in Spanish. - Math games - Learning and fun!

Fact Practice
XtraMath - Master your basic math facts

Farm Freak Out- Answer multiplication facts to help get the farm animals back in the pen. You can pick the facts you want to practice.
Cone Crazy
- Build the right ice cream cones by answering multiplication problems to keep your customers happy! Facts are given randomly.
Multiplication Grand Prix
- Play against the computer or with up to 4 friends. The fast you answer multiplication problems, the faster your car goes! Facts are given randomly.
Penguin Jump
-Play against the computer or with up to 4 friends. Answer multiplication problems to get your penguin across the glaciers first! Facts are given randomly.
Can You Dig It?
- Answer multiplication facts to dig up bones and build a dinosaur.You can pick the facts you want to practice.
Sketch's World
- Answer multiplication problems to help Sketch collect pencils around the neighborhood. Just watch out for the erasers!
Pumpkin Patch
-Plant, water, and harvest pumpkins by answering multiplication facts and keep your customers happy!You can pick the facts you want to practice.
Skater World
- Answer the multiplication problems to help your skater jump over obstacles in your way!

Don't see anything you are interested in? Try for tons of other fun games to help you practice your skills!

Factors and Multiples

Grid Game- Find as many numbers that fit the category given to you from a grid of options. Categories can include prime and composite numbers, multiples, powers, and factors.
Pumpkin Multiples-
Help the ghost collect falling pumpkins that are the multiples of the target number.

Converting Numbers
Decention- Participate with your team in the Intergalactic Space Games and sort other participants into their teams by matching uniforms of various number forms. Mixed Number Practice
- Practice converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions back to mixed number
Math Playground - Convert between fractions, decimals, and percents


Escape From Fractions Manor- Escape Dr. Fractionstein's haunted house by solving his puzzles on comparing fractions.
Sort members of the Intergalactic Space games into the correct teams by matching a fractional picture with it's equivalent fraction.
Bridge Builders-
Create bridges or the correct length by dragging fractional pieces down to fill the gaps.

Builder Ted- Help Ted climb to the roof of his house by placing the decimal numbers in order!

Weigh the Wangdoodles- Balance all the Wangdoodles by determining what the right values are to substitute in for variables!
- Determine the values of objects so that the total matches the value given.

Coordinate Geometry
The X Detectives- Collect clues around the city by solving functions, integers, graphing, and transformations to help solve the mystery!
Locate the Aliens
- Find aliens by identifying the correct coordinate on the coordinate plane!
Save the Zogs
- Save the Zogs in space by positioning them in a straight line to avoid the Duplicators!

Shape Mods- Reflect, Rotate, and Translate your way through 18 levels of shape-shifting fun!
- Transform shapes around the coordinate plane and check the coordinates of the new vertices.

Angles and Angle Sums
Angles Game Review- awesome simulation! Accept a mission to navigate through a warehouse and destroy the robots lurking by identifying different angles.

Units of Measurement
Customary units matching game 1
- start with this one! Conversion Matching Game 2 - Conversion of units matching/memory game (customary and metric)
Customary units matching/memory game 3

Customary units matching/memory game 4

Metric Measurement Puzzle Sheet
- Printable puzzles to help you practice your measurement skills!
Scale Drawings interactive activity
- create a scale model of a kitchen online

Area, Perimeter, and Volume
Design a Party- Design a party by finding the area of items that will be there.
Area of Triangles Practice-
Explanation, formulas and practice for finding the area of triangles.

Vertex-Edge Graphs
Click the following link:
Then, with a partner, click on the "create graph tab". Here you can create a vertex-edge graph just by clicking and dragging your mouse! Once you are happy with what you create, click the "Practice Finding Hamilton Circuits and Paths" tab.
Give the computer over to your partner and let them find a path or circuit by clicking the vertices.

Once a path and circuit have been found, switch roles and repeat the steps above!

Logic and Problem Solving
Pochle (game)
Lights Out

Real-Life Connections
Math at the Mall- Use percents, fractions, decimals, and money to open a bank account and shop throughout the mall!

Math Game Sites

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