Sight Words
Sight Words
How do  teach them? What can I do? How do you teach them?  All of these questions come to your mind. 
Here is a really nice video to explain.

Pumpkin Readers (Pre-Primer) 

Pumpkins First 100 Fry words:  I have you have game.

MSMT_2012_Pauleys_PrePrimer Words.pdf
msmt2012_Pauleys fisrt grade words.pdf
MSMT_2013_ Roller Coaster Readers_Preprimer.pdf   ( Roller Coaster Readers) Pre-primer words only ( 40 words and 40 sentences) 

Bugged out 2  ( Sight Words) 
PES__2013_ Bugged Out 2 _P.Guenther Owner.pdf

It is time for the Carolina Fair. Here are some sight words just for you. There are three different sets.  Each set contains a set of word cards and a set of sentences. Please print and practice at home. Your support at home is greatly appreciated. 
Roller Coaster Readers_Preprimer     Primer    Frist Grade Words    Second Grade Words

Use the below pdf files to create flash cards for your child. Practice daily please to gain word fluency.
First One Hundred Fry Words  ( Flash Cards to make Words Rings)

Using a QR Code / Scanner
Here is a simple activity to use with your child. Have student use a QR reader to scan the code to find the answer to the missing word. Once you see the word write it down the locate in the word chart below.  First one hundred Fry Words.  This document contains 103 pages. You may wish to save it to your desktop and only print the words you need. 

PJ  Sight Word Scanner